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About The Public Insight

The Public Insight is a journal of public interest communities and their intersection with technological, cultural, social, and political issues. The Public Insight is built and managed by a handful of volunteers. We publish pieces and abstracts of general interest to the public.

It is difficult to know where to look to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world, until the issue is right in front of you.

Through The Public Insight Journal, we seek to point to some of the lesser known things occurring in the world, the unheard, the unthinkable, and the underrepresented.

Crowdsourcing information in other spaces has been extremely effective, and we think it could be useful in this space too. Random helpers who stand in the fray, those on the ground, have sometimes been more effective and more resourceful than official channels and organizations.

The Public Insight looks at the boundaries of current knowledge. We challenge the narrative.

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