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How Pedophiles Are Being Normalized

“Someone asked him if it would be possible to hide evil from the gods. He said, “Not even in your thoughts.” -Thales of Miletus


The painting of pedophiles into patrons of innocence is years in the making. It is important to look below the surface at the broader context of meaning because nothing is ever as it seems. Jeffrey Epstein sold himself as a nurturer and serial illusionist, convicted sex offender Larry Nassar had a job helping children.

Pedophilia as a recognized sexual orientation has gained relevance with a rising number of organizations and academics within the last decade alone.

Organizations which support virtuous pedophiles describe themselves as a new kind of child protection organization, which on the surface looks like a cause most people can get behind. Where they differ in traditional methodology is they see the pedophile as the victim and society as the enemy. They downplay harms in fantasy enactment and work towards reducing the criminalization of perpetrators; and at the end of all this, rationalize child victims of sexual abuse as the ultimate beneficiaries.

Full article published in The Post Millennial

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