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On the Push to De-Stigmatize Evil

“Thus, because no sane person with a moral compass would ever wish to have sexual contact with a child, people imagine that all pedophiles understand that they are predators and that their attraction to children is a predator’s attraction to prey. In fact, this simple, obvious truth that is as plain as the color of the sky escapes many, and perhaps most, pedophiles.” -Holly Math Nerd


This essay is long, which is why it’s in 6 parts. The entire thing should be considered to have serious trigger warnings for pedophilia and all possible terms related to it: rape, child sexual abuse, victim-blaming, grooming, sexual assault. The most graphic section will have additional warnings.

Table of Contents:

  • I. Trigger Warnings For People Who Don’t Need Trigger Warnings
  • II: We Are Normalizing Pedophilia At Warp Speed
  • III: The Arguments That Must Be Refuted
  • IV: What Grooming Really Is
  • V: Lifelong Consequences, Even If You’re Blessed Beyond Words
  • VI: Conclusion—What You Can Do

Full article published in Substack

Holly Math Nerd

Holly Math Nerd


Holly is a writer and cultural commentator covering topics that span across a diverse series of public and digital discourse.

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