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Operation: Marriage Material

“Stop thinking of marriage as an end. It is a beginning. Life is extremely short so it’s best to get the good part started as early as you can.” -Peachy Keenan


"Why can’t young men find suitable brides?

You know why. Fifty years of feminism has had its way with two generations of American women, with predictable results. Throw in the eager pharmaceutical market, social celebration of “sex work,” the pornification of entertainment, successful destruction of “devoted wife” and “loving mother” as attractive careers for girls, and finally, the dismantling of “human female” as a real and separate gender—and well, here we are."

This article appears in The American Mind

Peachy Keenan

Peachy Keenan

Contributing Editor, The American Mind

Peachy Keenan is a contributing editor for The American Mind, dissident Catholic, and California native. Her pilot script, The Whites, currently beating Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Tolkein, on Amazon.

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