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What is Prostasia Foundation?

Prostasia foundation describes itself as “a new kind of child protection organization” which on the surface sounds like something people can get behind. However, they actively lobby against laws established to protect children from sexual abuse, for fear legislation endangers the activity of sex workers, pornographers, and pedophiles.

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501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation


Prostasia Foundation was founded in response to FOSTA/SESTA, legislation aimed at protecting children from online sex trafficking, except they viewed the legislation as a threat to pornographic interests, and lobbied against it on the grounds that it violated free speech. They advocate for illicit practices , like how to avoid law enforcement sting operations in the solicitation of minors in chat rooms like Roblox, a popular children’s gaming platform. They claim child abuse prevention should involve teaching children about fetishes and kink , and that viewing pornography can have a positive impact on children.

Prostasia consists of a team of kink enthusiasts, sex workers, and in its earlier years, multiple convicted sex offenders. Charities in the State of California are regulated through the Attorney General who requires annual filings to ensure charitable assets are going towards intended use, but gaps in oversight and unlawful practices within these organizations reveals the way these laws can be exploited to tap into federal resources.

The Prostasia Foundation Archive is part of the Project Raven initiative. Project Raven tracks and compiles data on individuals and organizations that promote pedophilia and child abuse narratives in academia.

This data drop reflects early operations for Prostasia Foundation, new and updated information, and links to corresponding documents can be found in the spreadsheet.

Board Members

Name Position History & Institutional Affiliations
Jeremy Malcolm Founder, Executive Director Internet law, activist, Consumers International, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Meagan Ingerman Treasurer Sex worker, childcare, BDSM, fetish, kink community association with Jeremy Malcolm
Pearl Regalado Secretary Fashion, BDSM, fetish, kink community association with Jeremy Malcolm

Advisors & Staff

Name Position History & Institutional Affiliations
Larry Prescott Bayern General Manager Uses pedophile forum Boychat, talks about trapping kids
Guy Hamilton-Smith Advisor Law, convicted child sex offender
Craig Harper Advisor PhD, lecturer in human psychology, British psychological society
James Cantor Advisor Clinical psychologist, neuroscientist, recognized for advocating pedophilia as a sexual orientation, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Gilian Tenbergen Advisor Professor Psychology, SUNY Oswego, Project Dunkelfeld
Ian O’Brien Advisor Director, Free Speech Coalition
Maggie McNeill Advisor Prostitute, librarian
Nerea Vega Lucio Advisor Student, child sexual abuse researcher
Jeff White Research Associate Convicted child sex offender
Shahani S. Sampson Advisor Sex worker, web cam 'model', goes by alias "Honey Sampson"

For a full list of team members, please view spreadsheet.

Advocacy & Activism

Advocacy Position Background
Child sexual abuse materials Pro The sexual depiction of children in art, fiction, and child exploiatation material.
Teaching children fetishes and kink Pro Advocates child abuse prevention should involve teaching children about fetishes and kink
Child-like sex dolls Pro Supports child sex dolls as an alternative therapy, general manager advises giving sex dolls to children
Sex offense registry Against Advocates against sex offense registery
Chat rooms for pedophiles Pro Supports and participates in chat rooms that bring pedophiles and children together
Fantasy sexual outlets Pro Fundraises for research into fantasy sexual outlets
Pornography for children Pro Advocates pornography can have a positive impact on children
Sexual torture as therapy Pro Promotes the use of sadomasichism as an alternative therapy
Raven Researchers

Raven Researchers

Research Team, Project Raven

Project Raven is a collaborative exercise in archiving and analyzing the online activities of pro-pedophilia organizations and their members. Project Raven includes a research team comprised of academics, technologists, psychologists with law enforcement backgrounds, information science, child abuse prevention, and computer forensics experts.

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