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The Fight Against Erasing Women

“Conservatives and feminists must unite against technocratic effacement.” -Mary Harrington


"Sometimes, internet weirdos cut closer to the heart of matters than more obviously housetrained writers.

Gender Acceleration: A Blackpaper is an anonymous 2018 essay that celebrates an imagined escape from “the horrid curse of being human.” It describes a tech-enabled unmooring of gender from reproduction that ultimately, it hopes, will enable us to triumph over our own nature:

trans women are technocapital producing itself outwardly into increasingly multitudinous configurations. Trans women as we know them now are the melding of technocapital with the human race and the expropriation of it towards its own ends…. Their flesh is how the machinery beneath infiltrates the human race. It breaks these lucky few free from the horrid curse of being human towards the lesbian autoproduction of demons."

This article appears in The American Mind

Mary Harrington

Mary Harrington

Contributing Editor, UnHerd

Mary Harrington is a contributing editor for the UK current affairs magazine, UnHerd. Feminism against Progress, her book on feminism in the biotech era, will be published by Polity Books in 2022.

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