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The Sexual Revolution And Its Discontents

“What we are seeing now which is so often interpreted as being progress and liberation, is in fact the opposite.” -Louise Perry


"I think its just a forming of that kind of male pressure on female sexuality. It's a culture that women very enthusiastically participate it.

This isn't as simple as saying this is just men telling women what to do and women immediately following them...What we are actually seeing is a changing of the incentives of the sexual marketplace that encourage women to act in ways that are against their best interests."

Subversive is a podcast by Alex Kaschuta about ideas that may not fit neatly into the Overton window and could use a nudge, or a sledgehammer. Alex chats to thinkers across the spectrum from iconoclast philosophers, rogue scientists, *real* journalists, and our true intellectual elite, Twitter anons.

This podcast appears in Subversive w/Alex Kaschuta

Louise Perry

Louise Perry

Writer, The New Statesmen, Agent, The Hamilton Agency

Louise Perry is a writer and campaigner based in London, UK. She writes a weekly column for the New Statesman and also writes for The Times, UnHerd, The Critic, The Daily Mail, and The Telegraph. Her book, The Case Against the Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century, will be published by Polity Books in 2022.

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