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The Trans War On The Body

“Trans rights are changing what it is to be human.” -Mary Harrington


"In June, the Journal of Medical Ethics spelled out what it means in practice to teach children that family bonds are optional. If the world is to ‘take LGBT testimony seriously,’ argued Maura Priest, a bioethicist at the Arizona State University, then ‘parents should lose veto power over most transition-related pediatric care’.

In many states, this is already well-established. In 2015, Oregon passed a law giving minors the right to receive transgender medical interventions at taxpayers’ expense, and without their parents’ consent. In Washington State, minors age 13 and up can self-admit for mental health conditions and withhold records from parents for ‘sensitive’ conditions."

This article appears in The Spectator

Mary Harrington

Mary Harrington

Contributing Editor, UnHerd

Mary Harrington is a contributing editor for the UK current affairs magazine, UnHerd. Feminism against Progress, her book on feminism in the biotech era, will be published by Polity Books in 2022.

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